How VPNs Can Help With Market Research

Marketing a product to any targeted demographic can be an uphill battle. Things get much tougher when trying to hit a specific local market. The usual tools and “standard” procedures can help, but when it comes to local, they can only give you more of a general picture.

doing local market researchEven when you use some more advanced SEO techniques to figure out search volume and audience patterns, it is hard to narrow them down to your desired location. And we all know that what individuals seek and purchase in Texas can be drastically different from the national average.

So, short of traveling to your target market, how can you “localize” your research? By using something called a virtual private network, or VPN for short.

Search engines are an excellent way to gain insight into a market. But, when you use them to do audience research from your office, the results you will see will be significantly, if not entirely, skewed to your current location.

Your office computer has something called an IP address. It is the Internet equivalent of your office’s mailing address. Your IP can be used to figure out your geographical location. And that is what search engines do.

When you check your regular physical mail, in addition to bills, you also get a ton of advertisement. All those adverts target your area. I bet no one with an office in New York has ever received a flyer for a dry cleaning service in San Francisco.

Search engines follow that same philosophy. If I Google a dry cleaning service in New York, I will see a bunch of businesses located in that area. This is precisely the difficulty with trying to do audience research for a different market using search engines. All returned results are be localized.

So how then does using a VPN help with market research? All VPN service providers have multiple servers you can use. These servers are located all over the country and sometimes all over the world. When you connect your computer to a VPN, you get to pick whichever server you like.

Let’s go back to my New York office. What happens when I connect my computer to a VPN server in San Francisco? That server’s IP address replaces my New York IP. Now, as I browse the Internet, all sites I visit, search engines including, think I am located in the City by the Bay. And when I Google for a dry cleaning service, I see nothing but San Francisco businesses.

That is how you can use a VPN service to help you with your market research. There are a few musts you should look for in a VPN provider. You don’t want the service to hinder your work, so be sure to pick the fastest VPN you can find. Also, make sure you select a provider that has servers in as many locations as possible in the country you operate in (or worldwide if you’re an international corporation).

When you look hard enough, you realize there is a tool for everything. That is how I found VPNs, and the are now indispensable to my work. Anything that makes life easier and helps deliver a better product to customers is worth investing both time and money in.

Essential Tools For Online Marketing

The 21st century has been deemed the technological era due to the various types of electronic devices and technology headways made within this period.  The internet is one of the most significant advancements and introduced people to both social networking and online business.  When engaging in online business, particularly retail, it is vital that one have an understanding of online marketing and the tools and methods needed to succeed in it.  This article will lay out everything that is needed to compete.

Online Directory Promotion

The most important aspect of any and all online marketing ventures is the promotion of the website or business. As is mentioned above, there are different types of promotions that you can use including email, social media, and solo advertisements; however, it is vital that you expand brand exposure to online directories.

Registering a business with an online directory will increase brand exposure to individuals who may not have access to social media or email facilities.  Furthermore, the registration of a website will also improve the site’s rankings within online search engines.  These ranking increases are due to increased traffic to your site; the traffic will be sent to the website through diversions on the directories. It should also be noted that online directories will ask for information regarding the website; therefore, you must have access to all details regarding the site to register.

Search Engine Optimization

example of search engine resultsSearch engine optimization is the promotion of an online website based on the appropriate content. A high search engine rank is essential to increase exposure, as many individuals nowadays do not have the patience to peruse several online search engine results pages and opt instead for the first few results obtained.

To rank better on search engines, you will be required to place specific keywords in content.  These keywords are reviewed by the search engine bot, and it will determine your ranking.  It should also be noted that getting human traffic to a site plays a significant role in search engine optimization.

One more significant factor in optimizing for search engines like Google or Yahoo is correctly and clearly written content. There’s a lot of information and many guides on ways to create excellent content material. Many claim that keyword density is absolutely necessary to getting your content material noticed. This is likely accurate, but what is substantially more important is the fact that your content material needs to make sense and has to sound natural. Always proofread and check anything your create for correct grammar. This is especially important if you elect to create your content using a text spinner like the one available at The lack of engagement from your audience will make your job of ranking that much more difficult.

Making Your Products Look Good

Product eCoverVery few customers will purchase a product, be it digital or physical, that does not look good from the outside. Even if the actual product is the greatest thing ever, many people will overlook it if it has poor packaging. For this purpose, it is recommended to use a specialized cover design and creation program. There many options out there, some excellent, some rather poor. It is, therefore, imperative to always check reviews before you proceed.

Final Words On The Matter

As can be seen, there are different considerations to make and various points to take into account when completing online marketing.  By using the information above, you can get ahead and be well on your way to creating a successful marketing plan.

Finding Funding for Online Marketing

Are you in charge of the online marketing for your business or perhaps a charity or another organization? Are you attempting to figure out ways that you can raise the funds needed to have a positive campaign experience? If so, you are not alone. Obtaining the monies necessary to advertise effectively is something most companies face each day. However, you can learn how to do it well.

The first thing that you can do is consider asking donors for assistance. However, you do not want to appear as though you are begging for funds. Because marketing donations are often perceived differently, lacking the glory that some other types of donations receive, you want to tailor your requests to those that are most likely to assist you in your endeavors. To do this, you can ask yourself a few questions regarding the donors that you are familiar with.

Start making a list of people that fit the ideal criteria, or those that are reasonably close, to stand a decent chance of the individual deciding to make a donation. This is a perfect choice for those charitable folks who prefer to keep a low profile. This method also targets those that like to have their donations labeled publicly as anonymous so as to not have a bunch of attention associated with them or their affiliates.

Going about things in this manner is also a great idea for donors that are always on the lookout for unique ways in they can help the world become a better place. There are many philanthropists out there who thrive on finding more obscure interests and donate their funds simply because it provides them joy to seek out these treasures.

It is an interesting contrast that a project could be perfect for both anonymous donors and those seeking to have a greater impact and impression. This fact should help you to have a diverse list of people to contact for funding. Draft a general email and then tailor it for each of the individuals who are on the list you created.

Another method, albeit one slightly more unorthodox, is crowdfunding. Many businesses have had great success with using this approach. There is a potential backer for every business and product out there. They’re just hard to find sometimes. Crowdfunding makes that process a bit easier.

The details above are just one of the ways that you can find funding for online marketing. No matter what type of organization you operate, you should be able to create a list of potential donors who will be able to assist you in the financials of your online marketing efforts. With money coming in, you can then start putting proper marketing tools into place and taking things to the next level.

Ways to Market a Product Online

If you have a product that you wish to sell, the internet is, of course, a great place to do so. The explosion in the use of the online world has made it possible for people of all walks of life to sell their products to a larger audience than ever before possible. No longer are large national and international markets only for but the biggest corporations. By implementing proper marketing techniques, you should be able to have fantastic marketing campaigns through the internet that bring you a great deal of traffic and conversions. Of course, any marketing campaign will require funds to get it going, but that’s the subject for another post.

Before you attempt to start your marketing campaigns, it is vital that you have a solid foundation in place as far as online presence goes. This includes a website that is working optimally for visitors across a wide variety of platforms, giving them relevant information regarding your product and your business. Hiring a professional web design company to assist you with this endeavor will provide a good return on your investment. After all, unless you have extensive knowledge about building websites, you would be wise to outsource this task and focus on your strengths, and to continue managing and building the brand presence.

example of a blog siteYour organization or company will also need to have a well-managed blog linked to the main website. This blog should have well written relevant content added to it on a regular basis. Two or three posts a week is enough because you do not want to inundate the web with content for the sake of content. It must provide something useful for visitors, or they will navigate to another website, possibly never to return.

You will need to have an e-mail list sign up page, set up with a reputable provider of those kinds of services. There are several companies out there that will offer this service to you at an affordable rate, depending upon the size of your email list. You need to have this process established because email marketing is an essential aspect of bringing your other marketing efforts together. Ideally, when potential customers reach your website, they will sign up for your newsletters. When they do so, they provide you with the invited opportunity to remind them of why they like your products.
examples of social media
The other aspect of marketing that you will use is social media. Your company should have a presence on two to four platforms that are most relevant to the products being offered. You will have to determine which ones are most appropriate for your business and how to implement them. Remember that you need to have well-designed content on these as well. Graphics and images must be visually appealing. All text should be proofread prior to posting.

You can then use all of these ways to communicate with your customers regarding specials, discounts and promotions that you have designed to reach a larger consumer base. As you continue to learn about search engine optimization and marketing techniques, you are sure to establish an excellent brand reputation in your particular niche and have massive amounts of success.

Creating A Successful Online Marketing Plan

If you take a quick glance at search engine pages, you will see that there has been a significant increase in the online promotion of services over the past few years. As this century has been dubbed the technological era, it makes sense to advertise your business and services using an online method; however, this method of marketing can be very overwhelming and challenging. To complete a successful internet marketing venture, it is vital that you take certain points into consideration. This article will provide information on what online marketing is and how you can create a successful online marketing plan for yourself of your business. Once you have a plan laid out, you can figure out what kind of funding will be required to put it into action. When you have money coming in, you can also start looking into the various marketing tools that will help you be more efficient.

What Is Internet Marketing?

Internet or online marketing is the promotion of a business using online advertisements. One of the most important aspects of this type of marketing is the amount of traffic or visitors directed to the website. Increasing the number of visitors can be done by improving your search engine rankings using search engine optimization on the website content. It can also be achieved by placing your website in online directories or on social networking sites such as Facebook.

What Considerations Should You Make?

achieving the your marketing targetThe Goal

Using a website to promote your service can be highly beneficial; however, how efficient this is is entirely dependent on a suitable marketing program. The first step to developing a successful program is to determine the aim or goal of your website. Are you looking to promote services or share information on a particular topic? By having an accurate goal in mind, you can tailor the site accordingly.

The Strategy

When marketing an internet business, you must first make some preparations. These include the drafting of an online marketing strategy that will increase the amount of traffic to your website. Always remember that the more visitors your site receives, the greater the chance that more people will utilize your services or buy your products. Creating a strategy can be done independently; however, it is recommended that you hire a professional marketing agent who has an understanding of the online marketing processes.

The Competition

When creating an internet marketing plan, it is imperative that you are aware of and have an understanding of potential online competition. By looking at and analyzing your competitors, you will have an idea of which strategies to utilize to ‘win the race’. It is entirely possible to create marketing plans that lead to more traffic based your competitor’s strategies.


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